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Entropy With Sunbeams
Sun alights on a window pane of the ordinary -
refracted into seven streams of consciousness.
A yellow morphing through blues to become,
beautiful green flowing from the nature of the grasses lining the sill.
A blue collides with red to spill forth radiant hues of purple
settling upon the petals of the pansy.
Colourful patterns borne from the light of life,
soaked in as chlorophyll; warming the cool pallid skin of winter.
Grateful, as one ought, to the warmth of entropy
cascading about in the form of little beams.
Oh for the beauty of these waves and particles
that one may be the observer of such an experiment as life.
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Dearest Brother
For my Brother -
There was a time when we were young;
you protected me.
Now we are grown we are equals in the world of chaos
and aroha.
Yet still - you protect me - and I
(as I have always done)
comfort you.
We live our lives by seperate minds and different paths;
but our blood binds us.
We are one; moulded from the same clay-bed.
Grown upon the same earth.
Dearest Brother: you are the rock upon which as a Tuatara,
slow and precise,
I may lay in the sun and warm myself to life.
And I am the house in which you may sit
by the fire
and shelter from the storms of emotion and thought
as the spill forth from your
beaten armour.
There was a time of chilhood innocence;
paddocks bathed in adventure and sun.
Now we are grown, dearest brother of mine,
You protect Me
and I comfort You -
but the worlds wherein we live are our own.
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Mature content
The Insiders Guide to Joy :iconcrimson-stains:Crimson-Stains 1 1
Nothing and Everything
There is nothing in the world that can stop me –
Except that. Your voice screaming at me, my anger surfaces
wave upon wave is attacking my psyche and I
blurt out
"Fuck off, leave me to go"
You grab it from my hands and start to yell again, you are bereft.
You CANNOT save me.
I don't belong in the waiting room anymore, I explain – you walk out.
There is nothing in the world that can stop me –
There is only you.
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Define Me
We are always bound by fragments-
little shards that pierce this skin
that we have tried to make so thick.
Wearily we peer out from little slits
we have cut.
Looking out from a place of built safety
for a compatible shelter.
Woven together through misplaced irony
and pity, but also love,
until emotion wavers and all that resides is:
So frail
is the thin cotton that pulls us together –
holding us thread by thread – until eventually,
we fall apart; a pile of simple string
sitting on the earth.
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In The Evening
There is a whole in my mind
as it plays out in front of myself.
Far removed am I.
Pearls and flowers stained
orbiting from words whispered
"Follow Me".
Three lines and a stop;
something poised and worn.
It is not a cliché if you feel it. Right?
He is dead and the blood
is staining the flowers red.
Is he breathing?
I try to believe in the scene
almost at a point of applause
as my curtain falls around me.
Battlements and words built
in woods of paper, while salt
rains down on new realities.
It has passed now. Pain lingers
upon the wisdom I once had-
a whole life and such mysterious creatures.
We are, happy?
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The Other End
All I can muster is a weak smile as words pour through wires.
My eyes bask in tears, colour blighted from sparkling spheres
by anguish.
I recall your image; my mind's eye is scattered on a million pieces of broken mirror starring with pained eyes and smile.
All I can see is myself, my pain.
Without ill intention: I hope you are hurting too. Hapless wanderer, I caught you in the headlights
Our time was a countdown to One-
However pain is an edge I have over no one; my battle is only small.
I am sliding down the rabbit-hole into the dizzying void.
Click and the pain will end.
It was over in an afternoon.
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A Question Posed
If I lie still enough will the cars headlights fade in the drip-drop of the rain?
Will the rains mist shroud everything: cars, people, roads and trees in a fuming orange glow?
And will the mist fade?
I cannot see.
Will I be forgotten and forged in my death by neglect? Will I be missing?
Missing as if existence was ordained upon me?
It was not. I may die if I choose.
And will the memory of one lone person resurrect my nature?
If I am remembered at all I have won a small battle over time.
But I want to know, if I lay still enough will I cease to exist?
Yes my friend. Will I cease to exist?
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A Lizard In The Heat :iconcrimson-stains:Crimson-Stains 0 1
A Love Letter From Revel
I ordered a mocha today.
A big bowl in a brown mug and mismatched plate.
I am at our cafe missing you; a lonely cigarette is burning in the ashtray.
Here am I sitting watching the cars keep passing
red light to green light,
and the people just walk past me.
They are rivers of traffic on our busy street.
None of them remind me of you.
I never noticed before perched where I am in our hot-seat-
the intricacies of architecture around the area we live.
Buildings squashed together in years past;
they are reminiscent of a past economy
and a time before our lives began together.
The Verona building stands short and squat next to St. Kevin's
its blue and yellow facade slowly crumbling.
A Boy walks past me while I inspect his attire.
He is wearing:  my glasses, a brown jacket with the collar turned up,
big black boots carrying a tan brown medicine bag and your fingerless gloves.
He is but a passing Indie Kid.
He's not you.  My Baby.
Ah. My mocha grows cold now and my cigarett
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Mature content
My Wits End :iconcrimson-stains:Crimson-Stains 2 1
Keep on space truckin by Crimson-Stains Keep on space truckin :iconcrimson-stains:Crimson-Stains 0 1
Its on the frequency, constantly available if you choose to tune in.
I did
And it nearly killed me.
What good is brokenness?
When all you have was smashed around you
as you began.
I was made a fool.
I am a fool.
Everything is in regret,
But I am changing, within the heat of the fire.
What good can come from a life wasted?
I want to save you.
Tune out,
With me. Stop listening to the voices of the holy.
I am ready to walk, and learn again to run.
Everything. Moving. Slowly. Around. Me.
And I am stagnant. And I am Boring.
What is wrong? It’s the frequency.
But my head spins.
Let’s just pull it together
One chord after another until we resemble a picture.
Of health?
Of happiness?
No. I just want to resemble myself again.
That’s what’s hard.
:iconcrimson-stains:Crimson-Stains 1 2
A Man Of Good Will
A Man of Good Will
(Script for Stage)
Scene One: It is lunchtime at the tomato farm and an old man (Mr. Williams) and a boy (his worker, we shall call him Jack) are sitting down to lunch in Mr. Williams kitchen. The mood is one of ease..
Mr. Williams: Here boy have this piece of sausage, I got the butcher to call y’day morn.
Jack: No really sir that will be fine, my mother packed me a good tucker here (points to a brown paper bag).
Mr. Williams: I know what boys appetites are like, go ahead.
Jack: Well if you insist Mr. Williams, I sure could use a good tuck in.
Mr. Williams: Thats’a boy.
Jack: Thanks for this Mr. Williams, I really do appreciate it.
Mr. Williams: What’s that boy?
Jack: Well the sausage for sure, but the job too. I think I’m finally getting the hang of it, you know?
Mr. Williams: (talks while walking outside to sit in his rocking chair on the deck of the house. Jack follows with his lunch) Well you know I began my life in the labour force in a drape
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Mature content
The Cat :iconcrimson-stains:Crimson-Stains 0 3
Let's Talk About SEX
So he’s wearing his
Red /     White         /   Black
hightops with the tongue pulled
Out /     Down        /         Inside out
and it’s cool.
It is the only cool thing about him, except for his
Bright -     Warm        - Sunny
smile that makes you feel like you’re his
Friend          / Lover.
But the wonder is
Because he makes you feel
Warm -      Fuzzy     -          Throwup
feelings with his smile?
A little more than that I presume.
He seems sweet—nice in a
type of way. With his floppy hair in front
and that tweed coat,
but moreover
It makes
:iconcrimson-stains:Crimson-Stains 1 56


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As always Ibegin with apologies for not coming to this site more often.

Put up a poem I wrote for my brother, ive written tonnesmore but they are all at my parents house in a suitcase I had to levae behind last time I visited because some idiot who bookedmyflights forgot to tick the "check in luggage YES PLEASE" box. Dammit! But am returning to the farm in 2 weeks to grab my stuff and things :)

Holy shit I am 24 in 3 weeks. Fuck my age.

So living in Wellington at the moment - doing heaps of writing and tattoo designs and moving into my house by the beach which is becoming a personalised art studio next weekend YAYS!

Single (one again) and waaaay to romantic of nature to cope with 21st century dating/men/relationships. I wish I wasnt such a goddamn poet in real life, but struth is I am as fae as they come :)

Stay cool (like the penguins) and drop me a message :)


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